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JJs Novelties is our online store at ecrater.com.  Check out the store widget that insists on staying at the bottom of the page. Or go right to the store:


And why the welcome? We will introducing some of new collectibles in the store. Also, this will be a place where online store owners can share their marketing ideas.

Most of the sport memorabilia is gone. I have a few more items to add to the store. The next thing I'll be adding are some Party lite items. I need to clean them and get sparkling photos.

Since we have a family of collectors, there is no shortage of items sell. So many items, and so much time spent at my day job. I'll be updating this page often.

Current big item - my Crackers the Talking Parrot by Mattel, 1963. He still talks! Just listed him Ebay if you are interested:


He looks pretty tropical compared to the snowy weather in Minnesota.

JJsNovelties at ecrater.com

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